Contact Me

Thank you for being here :) So you want to contact me? Email me at homemakeronadime(at)gmail(dot)com. If you need further details, please read on.


I offer guest blogging opportunities to fellow bloggers with personal blogs, in case you're wondering :) I've received lots of inquiries so here are my guidelines. If your post is related to DIY, craft, recipes, or decor then, your article is welcome. Please include lots of beautiful pictures, submitted to me in html format saved in text file, and if I ask for revision, you'll indulge me.

Note: I also offer blogging opportunities to bloggers of businesses in exchange for a minimal fee. Same requirements as above.


So you want to advertise? You came to the right place. If your blog or business is worth your time, then it's worth advertising. I am happily offering an affordable means for you to promote your business and/or blog.

Just email me at homemakeronadime(at)gmail(dot)com.


I also welcome giveaways worth at least $30 and are relevant to my blog's purpose. Thank you for choosing this blog to do so!

For product reviews, I prefer to test the product that I deem relevant to my blog two weeks before publishing my review.

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