Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Market Your Biz and Giveaways #61 + Flexi-Clip Review

Welcome to Market Your Biz and Giveaways, my dear friends! Come on in and link up your family-friendly online businesses and giveaways. It has been long said that businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. Not only that, businesses really fuel the economy. This blog party, solely dedicated to promoting businesses and giveaways, is my way of giving back to the community so welcome to Market Your Biz & Giveaways!

Featured Biz

Our featured biz today is Lilla Rose - Bobbi Gustason. Bobbi is a consultant for Lilla Rose, an online store that offers many wonderful products, especially the Flexi Clips - the clips that allow you to wear your hair up, and the clips that don't give you a headache like the plastic claws.

There are many ways to use this clip - to hold a bun, or

as a regular clip, just like what Princess One did. My daughter is really enjoying this unique, comfortable, strong clip.

It was a pleasant experience to order the Flexi from Bobbi. She told me that the Flexis come in 7 sizes and it depends on the hair type & what hair style a user would have. She wanted the Flexi to work well for my daughter so she asked me to choose the size using this video as a guide.

Lilla Rose is offering free shipping this month for party orders over $20.00. You could also do an online party with your friends and/or your readers so that you can earn some free products. Check out Bobbi's website here and her facebook page for more details.

Our Party

Just link up your etsy and/or family-friendly business on the first link provided, browse other businesses before you and after you. It's a great way to network with other business owners. For the giveaways, same thing. Just link up on the second link provided your giveaways and join the other giveaways that catch your eye. If you have a creative post and you want to increase your followers, the appropriate blog party for that is called Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

Link opens every Tuesday, 5:00 pm, PST and ends Saturday, 11:59 pm.

Here's the party button. Displaying the party button on your blog, while optional, is very much appreciated! For one, it will help you to remember to come back here next week. Secondly, we want to spread the word about businesses and giveaways so many can join in. Mentioning it on Twitter and Facebook will also make you totally awesome :)

Friends, network, buy if you must, join the giveaways, and have fun!

PS: I'm not a blog police but in the name of order and organization, you'll be my bloggy BFF if you link up in the appropriate links :D Please note that there are two links. Here's the link for your businesses. There's a second link below specifically for giveaways so how about linking up your giveaways in there? Besides, it's easier to find and join your giveaways if they're in the appropriate link. If you accidentally linked up in the wrong spot, don't fret. Just click the red x before your link to delete it, then link up in the correct spot.

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To bring maximum exposure for your giveaways, I'm collaborating with Brynn from MommyDigger so please feel free to link up your giveaways, too, in her party every Wednesday.


  1. Sorry I entered my link into both linkys! Should just be in the giveaway one. Thanks for hosting, SJ!


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