Sunday, June 24, 2012

Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop #65

How are you, my friends? Summer kicked in and school is over so I'm sure you're gearing up to execute your summer plans. From the time that my husband and I got married, we've done everything by the seat of our pants - no plans at all, only guided by the current situation and we just make do of what we have. Both of us have filed for vacation mid-July but still we have no clue where to go for a vacation. I have friends who have booked their vacations and bought their tickets months in advance, but no sir-ree! Not us, because we live by the moment. I remember that spur-of-the-moment vacation in Hawaii in 2006 or that spontaneous vacation in Palm Springs prior to that. There are pros-and-cons with our method and somehow, we always managed to pull it through and make the pros outweigh the cons. One thing I noticed is that no matter how much we plan in advance, there's always some revisions in the plan so to avoid the agonizing pain of planning and frustrations of last-minute changes, we just go for it and lead spontaneous vacations. How about you, do you plan your summer months in advance or are you just like us who live in spontaneity?

Favorite Blog
You clicked, inlinkz tallied. The readers' favorite blog post this past week, being the most viewed post, is EZ Pottery Barn Knock Off Curtains by Robin Flies South. She really did a great job creating the same look at a fraction of the price.

Our Party
To the main course of this post.
For those of you joining us for the first time, we only have 2 easy, simple rules:

1) Link up your creative post - can be a DIY project, decor, photography, crafts, recipes, poem, thrift finds, link party, or that informative syndicated post that can make us laugh, or cry - in short, whatever you're proud of! And if you like to link more creative posts, go for it! We'd love to see them :) (No links to businesses or giveaways. We have another party for these exclusively every Tuesday called Market Your Biz & Giveaways at 5 pm, PST.)

2) Follow as many blogs as you desire, either via Google Friend Connect or Linky Followers, preferably starting first with the one who linked before you and after you, before branching out, and let them know by leaving a comment. (Following me will be very much appreciated, and I definitely follow back. Just let me know you're following.)

Displaying the party button on your blog, while optional, is very much appreciated :) It will help you remember to come back and link up to the the happiest blog party on the block (ahem!). It will also help others find their way to the party which we all love because the more the merrier :)

Link opens up every Sunday at 5:00 pm, PST and ends Friday at 11:59 pm.

Friends, go ahead and get to know each :) One followed blogger is one gained friend. And please, don't forget to join my Market Your Biz and Giveaways blog party every Tuesday at 5 pm, PST. It's your chance for free promotion of your family-friendly business and giveaways.

Now, let's party like no other!
Burning question: Do you plan your vacation way in advance or just do it in the spur-of-the-moment?


  1. We have become more planners since our girls arrived. But just yesterday, my husband suggested we go to Disneyland this summer...I thought we were waiting for Christmas! So maybe we are changing, now that our girls are older!
    Thanks for hosting, SJ!

  2. Thanks for hosting once more! Always enjoy the party! Have a wonderful week!

  3. I am a huge planner. Like already planning an October 2013 vacation type planner. My husband...not so much. So, most of the time, we meet in the middle. We just got back from a vacation that was planning about a month out. With two kids, we can't exactly pull off spur of the moment but don't need a year to get things sorted out either.

  4. Well, we've been going on the same vacation for 24 years - 2 weeks at a tiny resort in northern Minnesota with A LOT of family - it's awesome, and even though it's the same place every year, the beauty of is we don't make ANY plans - just relax and enjoy life!

  5. Good morning,
    I'm joining your linky party for the first time~Thanks for hosting, I'm also one of your newest followers.
    I used to try to plan things and still do some of the time. Vacations, not so much since so much can go wrong if we plan too far in advance. I guess we are more or less "Fly by the seat of your pants" kind of folks.
    Have a great week!

  6. Thanks for hosting. I plan but sometimes have to bend like a reed with changes.

  7. Thanks for hosting this week. What a fun party! I look forward to being here every Tuesday :)
    Hmmm...I am a planner. I plan things way in advance, but don't take care of the details till the last minute :/
    Have a great week!
    What Meegan Makes

  8. Hi SJ! Haven't linked up in a long time, glad to be back! Have a great evening.

  9. This is Melissa at Thanks for hosting this party! I am your newest "linky" follower!


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