Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop #57

Happy Sunday, my dear friends! Hope that this week will be full of God's choicest blessings in your life.

I bet that most of you mothers out there had to contend at some point in time about picky eaters in the family. This is a normal thing in our home and I consider Princess Two a very normal kid in this aspect. As soon as she sees meat on the table, she will say, "I don't like that" and no amount of persuasion will make her change her mind...until I found an effective technique. Last night, our dinner was mashed potatoes, gravy, and pork chop so I shaped the gravy like a volcano, put gravy in the middle as the lava, and when the volcano exploded, the lava flowed, and there were rocks (pork chop slices) along the way. For a change, Princess Two just kept on swallowing the mashed potato with the pork chop without a fuss as we kept on pretending that she was eating an exploding volcano. I tell ya, motherhood really brings out an excessive amount of imaginative creativity in you.

Blog Tip
Our blog tip today is this article on 8 Tips for Taking Interior Shots Like a Pro. These tips are helpful when we want to take great photos inside our home.

Favorite Blog
You clicked, inlinkz tallied. The readers' favorite blog post this past week, being the most viewed post, is Fab Rehab Creations' Trio of Tables: Unify with Paint. It's amazing to know that the secret to unifying pieces of furniture is through painting them all with the same color.

Our Party
To the main course of this post.
For those of you joining us for the first time, we only have 2 easy, simple rules:

1) Link up your creative post - can be a DIY project, decor, photography, crafts, recipes, poem, thrift finds, link party, or that informative syndicated post that can make us laugh, or cry - in short, whatever you're proud of! And if you like to link more creative posts, go for it! We'd love to see them :) (No links to businesses or giveaways. We have another party for these exclusively every Tuesday called Market Your Biz & Giveaways at 5 pm, PST.)

2) Follow as many blogs as you desire, either via Google Friend Connect or Linky Followers, preferably starting first with the one who linked before you and after you, before branching out, and let them know by leaving a comment. (Following me will be very much appreciated, and I definitely follow back. Just let me know you're following.)

Displaying the party button on your blog, while optional, is very much appreciated :) It will help you remember to come back and link up to the the happiest blog party on the block (ahem!). It will also help others find their way to the party which we all love because the more the merrier :)

Link opens up every Sunday at 5:00 pm, PST and ends Friday at 11:59 pm.

Friends, go ahead and get to know each :) One followed blogger is one gained friend. And please, don't forget to join my Market Your Biz and Giveaways blog party every Tuesday at 5 pm, PST. It's your chance for free promotion of your family-friendly business and giveaways.

Now, let's party like no other!

Burning question: How do you trick encourage your children to eat right? If Princess Two could have her way, she will be contented eating hotdog or Campbell's chicken noodle soup with rice. But of course, that's not the kind of sustenance that's approved by her pediatrician so I had to resort to some stories and other tactics. On some weekends, we may make Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy pancakes so she will eat (nothing fancy, we just name the pancake as such). This morning, we ended up making Peppa Pig and Little George pancakes with little doggies as noses and chocolate syrup for eyes and mouth. How about you? What are your proven and tested methods to make your kids eat healthy?


  1. Way to go getting your princess to eat her dinner! Very clever!

  2. Thank you for hosting! Happy to share here with you! Have a great week!

  3. Thank you for hosting the party, SJ!
    My girls were the biggest carb-a-holics for their entire 2nd year. Then we started taking them to the farmer's market and showing them the fruits and veggies. They started asking questions and loved all the colors. Free samples always help! Then we had them help cook, and we'd say "remember, you got this at the farmer's market." They'd be really proud, and thus, eat what they chose and cooked. They have just started to like meat more...that was more of a textural thing. So time as well as making it fun has helped us! I'm glad the character shapes helped in your situation. Good luck!!!

  4. thanks for the party SJ! Hope you have a fabulous week!!


  5. Thank you for hosting! I hope you have an awesome week. :)

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  7. Thanks for hosting the party!

  8. Thanks for hosting. I am hosting my 2nd blog hop and would love it if you would share something with my followers. Have wondeful day! Diane @

  9. Hey SJ thanks for hosting a great party :) Also, I trick my 1 1/2 year old with homemade pizza to stuff him with veggies that he would never eat normally. I make a healthy tomato sauce with onion and green pepper and then sometimes I put certain toppings under the cheese... lol You have to be a little tricky when raising kids :)


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