Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop #54

Before I tell you a story, let me greet everyone a Happy Easter! Thank you for being here.

I can finally share with you Princess One's epic journey of being a flute player in her band. She got 3rd chair in her school band this February. Her basking in the flute's-3rd-chair glory came to an abrupt end when the 4th chair flute player challenged her. As a rule in her band, the lower chair can challenge the upper chair and they have a week to practice whatever musical piece the challenger wants to play. They would then square off during their band practice after a week and the music teacher will judge who played the piece better. The one who challenged her was the originally the 5th chair this February (she was the 1st chair last school year) and we'll call her C, who eventually challenged the 4th chair, and we'll call her M. The original 4th chair, M, refused to square off and as a rule, because she refused, she then got demoted to 5th chair without a fight and the challenger automatically became the 4th chair, and that's C. Now that C reached 4th chair, she then challenged Princess One for the 3rd chair. The piece was Surf in USA and Princess One was grinning from ear to ear when both of them tied. Then came the second square off and they had to play the Rainbow Connection, this time, she dislodged Princess One from her 3rd chair seat. When she was about to challenge C again for the 3rd chair, Princess One overheard C challenging the 2nd chair already and then, the 5th chair, M, challenged her in return. I agree with what their music teacher said, "Being challenged will help you become a better flute player." To cut the story short, last Tuesday, Princess One was bumped to the 5th chair and I could truly see the frustration and disappointment by the way she kept on playing the music piece over and over again. She couldn't get past the shock that she was bumped to 5th chair. This was one of those moments when as a mother, I just had to let my daughter experience the pain (because it's part of her growth), and be there to give moral support. Life is full of challenges and sometimes, we don't get the things we want, so I had to explain that to her. That probably, there's something better for her in the future, and she needs to persevere (and practice a lot) if she wants to have a higher chair in flute. At that moment, I had to help her cope with the disappointment for not meeting her goal, and what better way to do it than a Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream? I didn't need the extra calories then, but it sure boosted Princess One's spirit. How about you? What do you do to cope up with disappointments?

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Burning question: How do you cope up with disappointments? As for me during my younger years, I used to eat lots of chocolates. Now that I'm older (and hoping, wiser) with kids, an occasional ice cream here and there would do the trick. How about you?


  1. Thanks for hosting, SJ. It's hard to watch disappointment in our children, but sometimes the challenge pushes them to greatness. BTW, chocolate fudge brownie ice cream would make me feel better. lol

  2. Thanks for hosting your blog.Our children are our major goals in our life.Blessings and Happy Easter !

  3. I think that is wonderful that your daughter took on a challenge like that. And I also think that ice cream was the best medicine.:) Thanks for hosting! Megan

  4. We have all been there at one time or another! Your daughter is so fortunate to have such a smart mom! I agree the challenges can push them to greatness! Ice cream is a yummy thing to help! Thanks for hosting another great link party! I appreciate the opportunity to link!

  5. Oh my, how disappointing! I totally understand her frustration I played the flute from 3rd grade to college! The secret to moving up is...practice, practice, practice! She is doing the right thing tell her don't give up & I'm rooting for her! Thanks so much for hosting.


  6. Thank you so much for hosting! Little Bit

  7. Thanks for the great party! I linked up a recipe from my new blog. I'm a new follower!

  8. It's so hard to see her disappointment but they will have to face it at some point in their lives. What a great opportunity for you to teach her some coping skills! ~ Maureen

  9. Thanks for hosting. Its tough growing up. Nice to have great support though.

  10. Thanks a million for hosting! Have a fantastic week!

  11. I love that you are encouraging your daughter to keep fighting these challenges, and not letting her give up, and not running to the teacher. I think it will be a huge help to her. I also love that you help her balance the hard things with icecream. That's a great equalizer.:)


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