Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Baskets

Thanks for the Easter, reflections by Cori

Nothing makes me more aware of my new found adulthood than reflecting on the things I took for granted as a child. When I think about holidays, and how much I expected as a child without any thought to how it came to fruition I realize how completely silly and, sadly, ungrateful I really was.

With Easter just around the corner and my five adorable nieces and nephews to spoil, I have been thinking a lot about the traditions we used to have as kids.

On Easter morning my sisters and I would pop out of bed and begin the hunt for our Easter baskets and random scattered eggs. I remember how exciting it was to find your basket and tear through it checking out each yummy piece of candy or small, colorful toy.

I never stopped to think about the kind of effort that was put into making each one of these custom baskets for each of us. As I am gathering items to fill the baskets for my 5 cuties, I have realized what a huge undertaking this really is.

Putting together the perfect basket full of tasty treats and appropriate toys, puzzles, books, etc, can be really time consuming (not to mention EXPENSIVE). Every once in a while you see those pre-made baskets in a food store or pharmacy, but inevitably they are full of just generally crappy items and there is little room for customization.

While looking through the disappointing selection at my local grocery store I was suddenly struck with the idea that I had never really used the internet to try to find Easter accoutrement before (though I have done plenty of online shopping to cover almost any other holiday!)

What I discovered was a whole world of pre-made gift baskets that met my standards for Easter fun without all the work of putting it together. You can find cute, cuddly stuffed
bunnies accompanied by full-size candy favorites like skittles, twizzlers, and M&M’s.

There are even adult Easter gift baskets that I am secretly hoping someone out there gets the hint and sends me! Red wine and Dark Chocolate? In an Easter Basket? Yes, please!!


  1. CUTE!!! I used to have a whole easter village. :)

  2. Of course, we thought the Easter Bunny did it all but we could have oohed and awwed a little more before we started in on it! ~ Maureen

  3. Cute and your pictures look like worthy of a spread for a magazine :)

  4. SO true :) And I'll send you red wine and chocolate if you send me some!


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