Friday, December 9, 2011

Blogging For Dollars Series - Bruno from ManmadeDIY and Curbly

Bruno Bornsztein is a home-improvement enthusiast who learned how to tackle DIY projects with the help of the Web. He launched Curbly in 2006 to help explore the creative side of home decor and foster a community of people who love where they live. I discovered his blog called ManmadeDIY first and from there, found out that he and his blogging partner, Chris, are also part of the True Value DIY Blog Squad. Do you wanna know how a blogging money-maker thinks? Let's have a glimpse of it by giving the floor to Bruno. Friends, let's welcome, Bruno!


Can you please share how you started earning income from your blog?

We started out just using Google AdSense to generate some incremental revenue. Initially this didn't produce much, but as our traffic started to grow, it became more effective.


Can you please give advice on how bloggers can attract advertisers without turning off readers at the same time?

It's a balance; I don't think bloggers should apologize for using advertising to make money. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort (and in some cases, money) to do well, and it's totally appropriate to want to be rewarded for that. On the other hand, the reader's experience on the site is what determines whether they'll come back, or tell their friends, so any advertising you accept needs to respect that.


Can you please tip bloggers on how to balance family life and blogging?

I work from home, so this is a definite issue for me. First, I try to remember that at the end of the day, Curbly's just a blog, and anything that can be published today, can also be published tomorrow. I make a point of leaving the smartphone and computer in a different room during family time (like dinner, or playtime with my daughter), but I can't claim that I'm always successful.

The ability to time-shift your work is one of the great benefits of working as a blogger. So, if that means you have to work for an hour or two after your kids go to bed, it might be worth it (because you got to spend an hour or two playing with them in the afternoon, when most people are working).

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Bruno! Spoken like a true blogging veteran.


  1. How fun to see a guy DIY'er! :)

  2. Fascinating interview! I like what he has to say about balancing blogging and your "other" life.
    Thanks so much for sharing him with us.


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