Friday, April 1, 2011

What is E-mealz?

If you're like me, a working mother, a chauffeur to my kids' school and extra-curricular activities while DIY-ing on the side, planning menu is guaranteed to take a backseat. In my desire to have home-cooked dinners, I've been whipping up menus and cooking food on the fly...until E-mealz contacted me.

I decided that E-Mealz is a good fit for my blog because they are trying to help out busy families who still want to eat well and save money - well, these are my hallmarks - the eating and saving part :). Their entire site is based around family and ways to enhance time I spend with my kids by simplifying the dinner process.

I discovered that E-mealz is an online menu planning service that offers a menu plan for busy moms or wives. They have over 20 menu plans for a family ranging from 2-6 based on options that include low carb, low fat, point system, and vegetarian as well as different grocery stores and mass retailers. This way they can help families save money based on weekly sales at their chosen grocery store.

Their goal is to provide:
a. Delicious family friendly recipes
b. Ingredients bought on special and/or at the best price available
c. An easy and stress free home-cooked dinner

Here's my experience so far:

First, I chose the store and the meal plan. I picked the Regular Family Meal Plan (7 dinner meals for 4-6 people) with Ralphs (CA) since this is the closest store to us.


Every Thursday of each week I log on to, receive a brand new plan which is found on the first page of the pdf file, AND on the second page is a complete aisle-by-aisle grocery list. I then print the 2-page plan then save it as a pdf file in my computer for future reference. Here's the plan I received last week which I followed and modified according to my family's needs. (Side note: That ham & potato au gratin turned out so delicious! My kids and I love it.) Worth noting is on the second page, the prices of sale items were already marked in red so no need to gather and browse flyers.


Then off to the grocery store I go. The aisles where to pick up the items are already identified and this is the feature that I enjoy most. How many of you have experienced being in the meat aisle already only to realize that you still need to pick up that bag of onions in the produce aisle? I do - LOTS of times. And with this list conveniently prepared, it reduced my grocery time dramatically, in addition to reducing my food expenses by $15 weekly. (Those who bought an ingredient which you never end up using, please raise your hand! I bet it's more than $1.25. I would know...from first-hand experience.)

After grocery shopping comes the cooking aspect. True, there's Food Network but at this point, I can't sit and watch for 30 minutes so E-mealz's concise and simple instructions come in very handy. I'm not an expert cook so fancy-cooking words are hieroglyphics to. Good thing E-mealz made the instructions easy for me to understand.

So here's my conclusion. I'm one happy, satisfied e-mealz subscriber because:
a. the meals planned are all healthy and balanced. All food groups such as protein, carbohydrates, fruits, are represented in the menu.
b. the plan has variety. My hubby doesn't complain anymore of having the same cooked meal again and again.
c. it is easy on the budget. The menu is worked around the sale items during that week, ensuring low cost food expense.
d. it is very convenient. I don't have to look at the flyers anymore for sale items and prepare menus around those ingredients. I don't even have to calculate how much I have to spend because it's already included in the plan.

Are you ready to have the E-mealz experience? Sign up here.

Update: E-mealz is giving away one month free subscription to try out their plan. Please join here.


Disclosure: E-mealz gave me a one-month free subscription to try out their Regular Family Meal Plan. This has in no way bought my affection for them. I'm just sharing my real-life experience on how E-mealz has helped me have a mindless meal preparation for a mindful meal experience.


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  7. hmmm interesting! Do they allow you to adjust their plans for allergies or dislikes? For example, I am allergic to peanuts & don't eat pork. Do they have military grocery stores listed in there as well? I would like to try something new, b/c I feel like I always make the same things!

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  8. This sounds awesome! I'm going to have to look in to this. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading more!

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  12. e-Mealz has really helped to put us on the right path with keeping to our leaner budget...

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